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altar – tonight this country will die

por favor espere um momento...

a land of plenty, a land for free
where no one knows real poverty
work enough – democracy
rely on social security

you’re cornerstones, success -ssured
for every problem the final cure
learn our way, do as we say
go to school, the state will pay

20 years ago you thought me this cr-p
but things now have changed
it’s no longer like that, your pocket is empty
your system has failed, now it’s too late
holland is great!

tonight this country will die
along with your theatre of lies
i’m glad that i realise
i live in this paradise

so where is your wife, where is your job?
where is your money, where is your god?
try to blame me but isn’t you that has failed
for you and thousand others
holland is great!

- letras de altar

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