allman brothers band – stand back

por favor espere um momento...

by gregg allman and berry oakley
copyright 1972 unichappell music inc. and elijah blue music (bmi)

i recall once upon a time,
livin was so easy and i felt so fine.
but, my, my, my right before my very eyes,
satan came with fire to burn me,
wouldn’t listen when they warned me.
a dagger in my back while she’s calling me honey,
wouldn’t stand back, for neither love nor money.

thirty minutes after my ship set sail,
she put up a sign and my house began to wail.
but, why, why, why i couldn’t see it in my little girl’s eyes?
she had such a way to fool me, lord she had a way to fool me.
and i would ask the woman, “can you find it in yourself to please stand back?
you ain’t gonna rule me.”

just when all began to fade,
i reached out, threw the ace of spades.
i put her on a train to the everglades.

now that it’s all over and gone,
somehow i just don’t feel so alone.
but, lie, lie, lie it seemed like such a waste of time.
she did not ever seem to know me,
but, now it’s much too late to show me.
but, if i ever see that woman walkin down the street i’ll just stand back,
and try to move away slowly.
oh, yeah.

- letras de allman brothers band

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