all living fear – blue sky

por favor espere um momento...

jessica, did you think i’d go and not return.
you know i’d never leave you there on your own.
you mean more to me now, as a friend.
times were hard, things just seemed to get on top of me.
i couldn’t even see my own point of view.
did i ask for too much, far too soon.

you were the one who gave me vision,
you put me right when indecision,
clouded my brain,
you cleared all the rain,
to leave blue sky.
the thunder that came,
you cleared away with the rain,
to leave blue sky

could it be we’ve spent to long now,
deciding what went wrong and how,
covering old ground,
no answers to be found, losing touch.
console in sp-ce and time,
and put our fruitless past behind.
look to a love in the future as friends,
the storm has now past let a new age begin

- letras de all living fear

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