akinyele – sky’s the limit

por favor espere um momento...

sky’s the limit

yo live from london town
right now this is larry love
representing 35 above
crocodile dundee style
we always have a good day rocking with the akinyele
check it out
big up to creedon
perly west susset
big up to britain
big up to all of south london
big up to sortenheath
big up to brixton
stone bridge m-ssive
big up to all the brothers
all the brothers representing hard core hip hop
we always come our with a warning
this is course hip hop
yo yo who’s this
who’s this girl
who’s this girl singing man
all i hear hard core akinyele
yo we even got the queen up for ransom
that’s how we do it in london town

[hook – akinyele]
sky’s the limit and you know that you
could have what you want or be what you want
but make sure you live to be everything you say
[?] just doesn’t take it away
and yo sky’s the limit and you know that you
could have what you want or be what you want
we never ran we never will
we dressed to kill
because sky’s the limit and we take y’all

yo before you n-gg-s aint know match
for this jimi hendrix guitar type of n-gg- with no strings attached
i create, nothing less than great
with my mind stuffed and messed around
have you n-gg-s break your f-cking rewind b-tton
i kill this sh-t
similar to guns and clips
when n-gg-s from street corners light fire high bricks
keep you shaking inyour pants when the guns behind your ear
get you deaf enough cause you fools will paralyze a pair
when the ak start rocking
i put you in that puff
daddy mode and keep your while motherf-cking back bopping
it’s the ak-nel
but you could catch me maxing that movie about the dog
cause i rock with them
i serve rappers like wimbleton
all i need is a pad and pencil in
watch me put n-gg-s on the crusher like incylin
is the ak-y
watch me throwing adolph hitler signs cause y’all cannot see
get it n-z-
as in not see me son
like that great job slash d.v 1 division
i run these streets like traffic police
walking with irons so i can straighten out beef like a priest
even without an automatic
i still beat n-gg-s down
like [?] used to do in 85
who’d of known they not [?]
i’m ill like that
it’s the aka’, harley davidson rocker
because i propel like choppers on top a helicopter
so tell me who the f-ck know how to rock this right
and for lyricist of the year
how the f-ck you ain’t pr-nounce my d-mn name right
i’m in it, to win it


i make [?] degree patches
have -rg-sms on top of flower pots
in other words the ladies know that ak’s the cream of the crop
ready to rock this mic like crack vows
n-gg- ow
take it back
like that first movie from [?] freddy
cause i got a wild style
the challenger
[?] from metallica
got heavy metal locked
just so i can watch you punks get rocked
i be stressing you
with jessica
as we walk all through you’re city like d-mn messengers
so put me through a test like the tubes
f-ck the food
you no longer have to sneeze for the ak to bless you
as i step to the rhyme biters
you know them cats
who write their raps in aztec
cause they all copywriters
it only take ak one second eith ak mic checkings
for ak to start wrecking
cause ak be representing for
the ral n-gg-s like o.j. did
and ak told the seconds
cause we in it
to win it
i said we in it
to win it
hey yo we in it
to win it


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