agnostic front – liberty & justice

por favor espere um momento...

anger as sharp as the broken gl-ss
burning cars and tear gas
every race riot–is the last one
a dying culture’s final gasp

every decade–yet no one learns
and it’s always their own homes they burn
crushed by a quorum-driven-state machine
a nation’s will, cannot be turned

memories lost in a nation’s sleep
in the dreams of contented sheep
can we ever hope to find solutions
when our country has sold the const-tution

all too wrong to be right
the answer’s there, we just lack the sight
race wars fed by prejudice and fright
the love of a nation for its people
burned through the night

monochrome blood sport–we never tire
so many things feed the fires
to repeat history–a world conspires
so many years have fed the desires

- letras de agnostic front

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