agalloch – she painted fire across the skyline

por favor espere um momento...

i saw the nightfall…
it called to me like a river of shadows
it sang to me with the cries of a thousand ravens that blackened the sky as they
took flight
and sank the sol
i shall never trust the sun again, eridanis nadir

i ran away far into the woods
to find the sol, i called to her…
“i don’t want to be forgotten… i never wanted to be human”

so alas the sun had descended, her fire burned brilliant in the sky
the trees bore their withered silhouettes, that cast a spell upon unearthly white
no wolf shall keep his secrets, no bird shall dance the skyline
and i am left with nothing but an oath that gleams like a sword
to bathe in the blood of man

- letras de agalloch

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