aesop rock – bad samaritan

por favor espere um momento...

the bully cycles dig the st-tch in
rig the hitch in golden theory
teary victims walk in slatters like my left eye astigmatism
lift the bridge and sink
link the fink divisions ink transmission with a jinx
instead of tripping off the ways glitter blinks
the book had mentioned several separate crafts that mobilize to clash defendants
the end-all installments dissolved in a cl-ss a blemish ‘n such
i’m touching oxblood skies over my city which hover in blue disguise
the dry season new york’s five reasons flock to the marketplace
targets chase targets oblivious to if they heart a splash of bull’s eye
games begin, blood, dread and sin
i’m crawlin soft, all of a sudden somethin’ feels a little off
i nab a nauseating caution
peddle on exhausted levels
lost in identifying the unsure-edness plus the lord of morbid bliss
tore in the cure that fits
i sit, lit up a lung, thoughts spin as i realize “godd-mn, its i against i”

my name is aesop rock
bulldozer-brand, exhibit-alpha bad samaritan
i capsize rubber ducks ‘n suck the merit in
governed beneath the cherished checks and balances routine
i check my balance as routine, check balance in my dreams
stress indeed this greed’ll buckle flunk, and cling to the wrist
i thread the needle like my knuckle through the ring ‘o my fist
work out the kinks in my wrist
weave up a tapestry so large it covered ev’ry inch of sky
so i cut holes for the stars — look up!
hook up the speakers
i cook up another heated dirty lung devotion chokin with the ocean’s bottom feeders
and you love it, 76 inches of sound
so ya’ll could dig me six feet deep, my eyes’ll still be over ground

now, i’ve got myself circlin’ over these pushers
each luggin’ a bucket of concepts crafted of every shape, element and devious ingredient one could possibly conjure
and i consider my trust sacred, and if by chance it leaks in your direction, well
i’ve either known you a long time or i’ma see you tomorrow
the daggers that rip that bond are the sharpest
but i’ll take that pain, cuz in the long run
you’re prob’ly doin’ me a favor

the dub-l installation swivels to cl1ck messiah’s dirty art
like my lungs upon display’ll make the room turn dark
a poem review and a compilation of statements made by critically acclaimed modern american composers
i digress
wishbone on an earth hungry for flesh
while tyrants hug upon their broadcast treasure guardians
barter frontiers ’til stealth remedies mesh
resident evil
we alone hold current cycle to define
graceful ascension over
wasteful intervention

this little pig hides behind his faithful train collection
bends the tension in trip wires at every landmark
and i guess this marks my family [right?]
i guess this dark’s been charted by those tidal fellow artisans
who -ssign, comply under the martyrdom
plank walker, the shark infested waters all turn charlatan
appreciates for rhetorical inquiries
i dive
i’ve seen missile line lives fade in tirading heckler academies
divorced from insipidity
and honestly

i discipline the workers in my colony with glorious intention to live
just to walk on my home-made suspension bridge
i discipline the workers in my colony with glorious intention to write
just to walk on my home-made yellow brick height

it’s like pillars line these aisles with chrome gates
while milestones wait to trip me up
fiddle with thoughts that never led bay trails to victory
just yesterday my main amigo block described the sinuses (??)
(????)to pull the (halves/haps which) bleed a scene on opposite -ssignments
we offsprings plucked off the worry willow one
(???)campbell cat anonymous
strokin’ tokens of broken promises for hobby
i scr-pe the pennies out my back pocket for needy drunks
like low riders scr-pe their bellies on speed bumps

purity’s the lure and i’m on top
(????)middle siblets gripping aka aesop rock
i saw the sunlight riding in harmed
and h-ll, it died right in my arms
now i’m breathin’ in the evenin’, the evenin’…

“please help with correction of this song, it’s not finished yet!”

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