aerosmith – can’t stop messin

por favor espere um momento...

can’t stop messin

sittin’ at a stop sign
lookin’ for a friend of mine
waitin’ to salute the flag
talkin’ to some he/she
slidin’ over next to me
man, she said, this life is a drag
it’s a shaky situation
and i’m hangin’ on my will
and i get no satisfaction
from a hundred dollar bill
but i got what i came for
and i’ll do it ’til i drop
you do what you want to do
i ain’t never gonna stop
you say you got somethin’ that
makes you feel good
and you can’t stop messin’ with it
all your life you’ve been
so misunderstood
’cause you can’t stop messin’ with it
sittin’ by the seash-r-
dreamin’ ’bout a little more
circlin’ the cl-ssifieds
nine seven six
man i need another fix
i’ll never have to kiss the bride
yeah, the city is a war zone
this country gone to h-ll
and the beer cans in the alley
from the rich folks on the hill
they’re screamin’ hallelujah
but i don’t give a d-mn
’cause i got my own religion
yeah, it’s right here in my hand

- letras de aerosmith

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