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adultery – last hope

por favor espere um momento...

you were born in the last sunny days
during the remains of the beauty of light,
which was so intact and beauty virgin.
you are the last, but the strongest one.

only you have survived and you will remain.
your heart will be lasting
but all evil that amblogh has, will tempt to you.
he knows you and you will also recognize him.

you – fair of sun, move and dance!
dance through this darkness!
wake the life of the dead!
i wish the flowers and trees grew up.
i can’t see you mission. i can’t hear it.
but something is hidden
something that i’m too weak in.
something for what i haven’t strength enough.

you – fairy of sun,
i can’t recognize the dark mission
and your glaring shade in the darkness

- letras de adultery

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