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adora – my cross to bear

por favor espere um momento...

there are no words
nothing can ever be said
to make sense of the exit that you made
or this sadness forced on our lap
left us struck with these haunting questions
where are all the beautiful answers
where is the b-tton to push that takes it all back
i should have been there
crossed burning bridges to meet you
where was i when you ran out of walls to punch
and i know that you wouldn’t want us to blame ourselves
or anything but the world
and that your actions well they were never tender
but still nothing prevails like the emptiness
of a world forever without you
i can still see the way that your teeth showed
when you smiled
hear the sound of your guitar
i think of the things that should have given
you the strength to go on
the horror of our last words
still ringing in my ears
anything we would’ve done
anything to keep you around
sometimes you just can’t keep
the madness at bay alone
we have all been there before
no one makes it here alone

- letras de adora

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