adam sandler – bad boyfriend

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bad boyfriend

why don’t you pick up after your done?
i’m not your slave
i’m not your mother
i’m not your maid
i mean i’ve got a life too
so f-ck you!

why can’t you be nicer to my friend?
they’re gonna be here soon
last time they were here
you just sat in the bedroom
friday you went out with your fat friend lou
f-ck you!

why don’t you ever ask about my chinese cooking cl-ss?
i only took it ’cause you like moo shu
f-ck you!

i’m sorry honey, about the way i’ve been acting lately
f-ck you!

don’t be like that, we’ll visit your mom when i get some time off
f-ck you!

i had the beer at work, for god’s sake
f-ck you!

by the way, would it be cool to go golfing tommorrow?
f-ck you!

i was just kidding, i wanna hang out with you
why don’t you ever take me to a play?
or a museum?
there’s an art gallery two blocks away
and we’ve never been there
we always do what you wanna do
f-ck you!

you didn’t notice
i got new throw pillows for the sofa
you didn’t notice i had the kitched painted blue
why don’t you notice all those guys looking at me?
you take me for granted
do you know there’s a guy at work that always asks me out to lunch?
i always try to look my best and you should too
f-ck you!

why won’t i ever get out of this relationship?
you’re such a jerk
the only thing you do right is
tell me that you love me
well, i guess i love you too
but f-ck you!

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