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adam kay – your baby

por favor espere um momento...

can you see, that’s baby’s heart beating there on the monitor.
and look there are it’s little arms and it’s little legs.
um, i’m not quite sure what that bit is, no.

your baby’s got a flattened nose
a widened gap between it’s toes
it’s smaller than it’s supposed to be
the scan shows your baby’s got an imperforate r-ct-m
and there’s a big hole in his atrial septum
he’s got signs of left heart failure
and quite abnormal genitalia
i’ll print out the scan so you can see
there’s something quite wrong with your baby
your baby’s got trisomy

he’ll have abnormal motor function
that’s to meiotic non-dysjunction
you shouldn’t have kids at 53
he’ll have severe mental r-t-rdation
how would you feel about a termintation
i doubt he’ll live past 10 years old
check out his epicanthic folds and his single palmar crease
a bit of a mong your baby
your baby’s got trisom, it’s what he will die from,
your baby’s got trisomy.

- letras de adam kay

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