acoustic ladyland – perfect bitch

por favor espere um momento...

you watch me fall to you on the wrong side of the day
just one more whip to tie fool, just can’t keep away
i said i’d laugh at you but you’re blanking out my smile
i know you want me babe, cos i watched you all the while

i want to open you, unlock the door
if i’m so bad for you, don’t ask for more
you know i’m leaving you, thank you all the way
i’ll tear up all the rules – not gonna play

gonna make it my hooks out of you
and i’m slowly unsticking the glue
now i finally got rid of the itch
i won’t miss you ah, my perfect b-tch

i’ll shed my skin for you, but it’s not enough
i’ll make my scars for you, the deepest cuts
i’ll sleep under you, my lowly friend
no more chasing you, this is the end

- letras de acoustic ladyland

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