acid death – while the end is coming

por favor espere um momento...

within the thin light of every dawn
i see a future which i know i`ll miss
i see joy on faces of children and men
i hear all sounds even the snake`s hiss

beyond the cell bars that keep me from you
remorse is my heaven and fate so strong
and i repent for ever more

soon i`ll be no more i think it`s for the best
i`ve done my deeds and wrong i`ll pay
but i see the dawn

this thought drives me mad but i wan to feel
for the last time how a free child laughs

within dawn`s dim light i see forgiveness and serenity
a purple vain over my sins, but i pay mine and i`ll pay yours
before my ending that frees you from me-remorse is
remorse is my heaven and fate is so closed-oh so closed

and i repent for ever more

strange words-maybe make you feel
like this man out there, like the man
who stands in the beginning of a tale, a tale which seems to be
as honest like a child`s kiss

- letras de acid death

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