absurd conflict – heroism

por favor espere um momento...

i don’t know who you are and what you can do
i don’t suspect how empty are your threats
i don’t even know the reasons that lead you to do this
i know just one thing, that i can hope for your tolerance

i am old and powerless, so come and face me

come, if you’re bold enough, to rob an impuissant
come, if you consider it heroism, i’ll put up no resistance
you know that
you know a poor man like me is helpless, without effort
so come on hero

i will just look helplessly at your depravity
i will look at you resigned and dread the worst
i am old and powerless – an easy prey for a cad like you
try to draw a knife or a gun hidden in your pocket

i can’t fight back with my bare hands
you know that, you know i’m f-cking scared,
on the verge of my breakdown

you criminal sc-mbag
the cash you took me,
is a key to jail
i hope, you’ll see th e world
from the other side of the bars
i am old and powerless
you know that and abuse it – to the end!

- letras de absurd conflict

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