aborym – disgust and rage

por favor espere um momento...

“the street is my world
and the real world that i’ve to deal with everyday,
believe me. if i start to murdering people
there’ll be none of you left”
[charles manson]

everything is going to deteriorate more and more!
they buy futures,
they sell futures where there’s no future!
everybody is preparing to thread one finger
into the ex-planet of god’s -ss
and then they taste it!

i am here with my nose in the earth
and i’m here from the beginning of times!

they cry and they needs help, but n-body is around
they are alone! they are the perfect sons of god!
there’s nothing outside!
no illusions!

god likes to watch: he’s a prankster!
he gives man instincts…
he gives this extraordinary gift
just for fun!

he fix the rules in opposition:
watch but don’t touch,
touch but don’t taste,
taste but don’t swallow
and while you are jumping from one foot to the next
he’s laughing!

bellum omnium contra omnes
bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria
et satan ridet!
omnia est malis est!
et satan ridet!

i am here with my nose in the earth
and i’m here from the beginning of times!
i have cultivated every feelings men can try
my interest is for what men really desires and i never judged him
’cause i never refused him!
even if he’s full of d-mned imperfections
i’m a men fanatic!
i’m an humanist!
the last of humanists!
everything, everything is mine!
this is my time!
this is our time!

panic flights to death
death flights to the cosmo

- letras de aborym

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