a past unknown – what if you’re wrong

por favor espere um momento...

have you not heard of me? false hope, false love, the
silent enemy. i’ve done my best, i’ve kept you
deceived. faith still grows in more than one answer,
only my god frees, my god redeems, stop honoring the
dead among the living.

burn your incense down to these silent ears that hear
no one. all this time your screaming makes no sound and
it’s death you’ve found. where’s the hero? where is
truth when death sets in the blood? the grave still
holds the names who claimed a way, all but one.

this world will burn. whose side are you on? show me
your faith, you will get no answer. suffocation fills
your lungs when no one keeps you breathing. show me a
sign, the dead can’t answer. failure, again and again.
set yourself up for the fall with these empty words and
useless rituals.

calling out to no one only silence will be heard. your
hero is no longer breathing, sound the alarm, no hope.
i hear no one , you hear no one, give me an answer,
where is your god now?

when will confusion end? this world will burn, leave
nothing left. when all the hope seems dead, you’re the
one still breathing. their eyes will turn to you, the
one who rose, the only truth, confessing with their
tounges “i’m the one who’s wrong”

burn your incense down, no one will hear you. where’s
the hero now, it’s death that you’ve found. death,
where is your sting? you will never claim me cause the
grave still holds the names who claimed a way, all but
one, all but my god.

- letras de a past unknown

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