letras de 6twolak – only 13

por favor espere um momento...

i run fast on the count of 123,you talking you gonna meet this 223
y’all were hating but now y’all wanna be just like me
i run fast the moment i get the green, i’m not trying to be mean but you need to get out my scene. i’m lighting like mcqueen
get out my scene while im drinking this lean i’m upcoming and i’m only 13, cause i run fast on the count of 123 you talking you gon meet this 223.its gon be a hit and run with anyone let me catch you lacking with a shotgun you gon be outdone before we even begun. ima hit you with a handgun its gon be a homerun it can’t be undone we gon get the air gun and do a bank run

- letras de 6twolak

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