letras de 6th$ithlord – black petals

por favor espere um momento...

[6th$ithlord ~ verse 1]
close my eyes
all i see are black petals
falling down on me
look up to the clouds
wishing that i can escape
these dreams
wondering why
why do i see these things
my family mutilated
with blood all on my hands
noose around my neck
let me hang until i’m dead
all these problems
inside of me, building up
and i cannot take it
no longer can i fake it
i’m losing all my patience
sometimes i feel like ripping apart
my f~cking face, sh~t
f~ck all of sh~t
i just wanna ride around with you (ride with you, ride with you)
this world is so f~cked
and i’m living off one gram or two (gram or two, gram or two)
roll up a blunt
lace it with shrooms
and i’m trying to forget everything
how bout you (how bout you, how bout you)
[shinigami ~ verse 2]
h~llo, h~llo, h~llo? ay
b~tch quit talking that sh~t
only thing that should come out your mouth
is my kids
blowing that spliff
with the homie lil $ith
you weak motherf~ckers can’t test me
just quit
cruce’ ’em
like suicide
you must commit
black like the aura my body emits
slit your wrist
you’re a waste
throw yourself in a ditch
i don’t feel too bad for the weak
i admit
uh, h~llo?
what did you say?
i play by the feeling
that life is so vague
all these thoughts
that i just can’t convey
so i say it to myself
into [?] gaze
mine to slay, yea
and i’m just awaiting the day
that the universe whisking me away
so i finally i created
a known way of birth
that will keep me at bay
from the decay i face
b~tch, yea
i might be a clone
i feel so hollow
so i will never know
thought it’d be more
than [?]
but i do not condone
all these girls being hoes
what the f~ck
run amuck
k!lling you slugs
with the ak’s tucked
shooting 30 rounds
on the block right now
all you see is black petals
descend to the ground

- letras de 6thithlord

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