letras de 6servin – back servin’ (intro)

por favor espere um momento...


slide with the stick so you know i got aim
10 band jugg finna’ hit johnny dang
big 40 on me n~gga let it bang
stay with my brother undertaker, kane
slide with the stick i just get in my groove
100 band jugg off a kick door move
big 40 get yo’ ass removed
i been in the hood i got nothing to prove
call ag he gon’ slide with that mac 10
5 glocks feeling like michael jackson
slide with a ar so i’m packing
the plug got the work n~gga so im jacking
we already know that he not tryna’ link
gotta’ gallon of water n~gga like a sink
off so many drugs i can’t even think

- letras de 6servin

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