letras de 6rips – beastmode

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diamonds on my neck b~tch i’m in beastmode
k!ll that n~gga cause he ain’t know g~code
do me foul, i’m taking these free throws
2 shots you know how the week go
in my room covered in weed smoke
b~tch you a cap , that is a fact and
you know i’m gone let you know
these n~ggas they not so original
i’m f~cking his b~tch she just let em go
she coming with me to my next show
purple sipping that’s just why my time slow
b~tches tripping you know ima let her go
she hitting my line i ain’t coming home
she hitting my line she want me to bone
in the studio making a newer song
give it up i don’t talk to the fakes
give it up i don’t talk to snakes
me and these n~ggas we do not relate
i just want salmon and steak on my plate
i’m taking her on a date
after that i’m putting nut on her face
he think he hard cause he ride in a wraith
my boys will k!ll him pull off in his wraith

- letras de 6rips

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