letras de 6odemvy – jeff bezos

por favor espere um momento...

tryna get the pesos
like i’m jeff bezos
focus on my quezo
f~ck you and a stank hoe
i’m never gonna let go
riding on my wave hoe
till my last days bro
kick like johnny cage oh
they really wanna fade tho
i can’t catch a case tho
mikey spitting fuego
60 that’s the pay tho
that or get away hoe
workin on my bank roll
my homies on a pay roll
we know what we came for
f~ckin up the game bro
while i’m sippin faygo
paving out the way for
my hittas in the gang tho
winners yeah i make those
i hope i gave you faith bro
i’m sticking like a stain bro
i’m really sharing pain yo
thank you cause you came tho
watching gets me paid so
i dont let a day go
thank god yeah i’m grateful
owe it to who raised bro

cause i got like that now ya boy is feeling jiggy
smoking on my pack got you feeling real dizzy
b~tches on my back i just tell them that i’m busy
running up a sack i quit smoking like a chimney

just a while back they wasn’t f~ckin with the vision
i don’t give a f~ck cause i’m the man with a mission
got up off my ass i was doing to much wishing
started chasing sacks now a youngin really living

if you like seeing people down
you a weirdo
you can come around
just never over here hoe

yeah you got the drive
but you really can’t steer tho
you will never strive
if you never face your fears bro

the marathon continues
no time for looking back
filling up these venues
my entrance in the back
taking h~lla chances
my momma in a mansion
dollas keep on stacking
i mentally attract it

- letras de 6odemvy

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