letras de 6$o$ – dangerous

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1: 6$o$]

burning roses on my grave call the devil back
tell him meet me by the road cause i sell a pack
ghost og white for the nose bleed
nerved out can’t even ask for more weed
f~ck the police gripping on a loaded mac
got cold feet never trust a f~ckin rat
knoose tied up jump then the neck snap
stay high so high b~tch i’m off the map

[bridge: 6$o$]

rolling by myself i be
thc and nicotine
use them all to set me free
f~ck what you’ve been telling me
that felony stay on lil 6
sos that heretic
i stay where the devil live
on the line of good and bad

[verse 2: 6$o$]

hold my rag to the sky
6 stay high like b~tterfly
load the gun and let it fly
f~ck your hoe i let you die
no one right here by my side
that’s why they act terrified
the most dangerous man
don’t talk bout no plan

- letras de 6o

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