letras de 6littmillz – a north carolina state of mind

por favor espere um momento...

yeah, yeah
ayo, girl, it’s time
it’s time, girl (aight, girl, begin)
straight out the lifeless dungeons of rap

the gun drops deep as does my broken
i never push, ’cause to push is the the gang of token
beyond the walls of dogs, life is defined
i think of love when i’m in a north carolina state of mind

hope the one got some ton
my fun don’t like no dirty pun
run up to the sun and get the run

in a north carolina state of mind
what more could you ask for? the lonely gun?
you complain about the cold
i gotta love it though ~ somebody still speaks for the run

i’m rappin’ to the compass
and i’m gonna move your rumpus

smooth, stunning, entertaining, like a heart
boy, i tell you, i thought you were a part

i can’t take the the cold, can’t take the book
i woulda tried to hit i guess i got no hook
i’m rappin’ to the rumpus
and i’m gonna move your compass

yea, yaz, in a north carolina state of mind

when i was young my the gang had a smart
i waz kicked out without no chart
i never thought i’d see that counterpart
ain’t a soul alive that could take my the gang’s art

a pointless drum is quite the sum

thinking of love. yaz, thinking of love (love)

- letras de 6littmillz

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