letras de 6lack moon, robstar, bulgogi – no. 1

por favor espere um momento...

ice in my veins like it’s 3 on the clock
she gimme brain if she want a new shot
you causing pain, you talk a lot
your sh~t is so cold, and i am hot

if you widdit, then show it
dis you shot man don’t blow it
you acting out, control it
this a metaphor, ain’t no motif

we the euphemism for the new religion
kids these days wanna play the victim
crying wolf but he ain’t got symptoms
everybody ain’t f~cking with them

i’ll k!lled this track call the mortician
spitting facts, all on audition
finally single got them hoes wishin
heat for days this is the mission

if u don’t sin then he died for nothing
i work my ass off u kno i’m busin
henny too strong put me in a coffin
i swear to god i need some lovin
i guess i’ll switch the flow up
gimme some time to glow up
we all these hoes to show love
need all my fans to show love

need all my friends got no one
need all my meds i’m so gone
need me some tree, i’ll roll one
need protection, grab yo gun

robstar, with that 8bit bar
hot bar, riff on a guitar
so gone, that i might see stars
f~ck cops, man we saving omar

nasa, i need my sp~ce
henny, i might need chase
this water might be laced
eat up we do not waste

[6lack moon]:
recording heat on adobe
24/8 like im kobe
body the beat im a bully
quick on the feet like im barry
pus on the plat gimme perry yuh
drinkin my drink with my perrier
funniest dude im hilarious
playin my part im jim carey yea
omarion be snappin the moment
if you banking then the bank never open
5 finger discount on yo b~tches ass
you can mark them goods as stolen yeah
she in my dm i dont wanna see em
bored in my bm im dozin yeah im dozin yeah

shawty all in my business
tryna give me her digits
tappin it once i’m out and about
you know then i go and burn all the bridges

my b~tch lil uzi she bad and she boujee
chasin the bag yeah i’m getting my louie
all eyes in me i’m the star of the movie
shawty backin up said her booty my duty

no rat yet i chase the cheddar
countin my ms i know my letters
winning my bets they callin me better
saint laurent all over my sweater
too much drip i’m affecting the weather
send a p~ssy b~tch straight into the nether
they stupid as h~ll they knew i was clever
draco ring a bell they’ll always remember
haters wanna talk sh~t
haters wanna ding dong ditch
she belong to streets playin ping pong b~tch
i ain’t no diddy i’m king kong b~tch
i’ll speak with my fist vvs on my wrist
he a snitch he a lame ill blow out his brains
the slithering snake the gang
can’t look at him the same
and that’s word to my name
and sh~t won’t change

flyin so high wit the bros
you know how that sh~t goes
you know how that sh~t be
you know i be smokin the tree

i know you f~ckin wit me
see you boppin the tt
bad b~tch like riri
shkrt on the b~tch like jetshki

smokin the jay in the back back
bulgogi always gon come back
bulgogi gonna attack
i got racks on racks

i got b~tches on b~tches you know that im winning, im bringing the nguyens to the top
no way imma stop
no way imma flop

ima keep goin and goin you kno that im showin these lil youngins how to rap
and im spttin so fast that these b~tches can’t keep up and i already know that theyre all f~cking trash

you know that i spit
you know i get lit, you know im the sh~t
ur rappers are whack
suck my nut sack, yall are shlat

gang gang, i ain’t f~cking with the hoes that dont wanna hang
shoutout to the squad man those guys go insane
motherf~ckas best remember my name
im grinding making music b~tch im goin super saiyan

- letras de 6lack moon robstar bulgogi

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