letras de 6ixbuzz – make it happen

por favor espere um momento...

[chorus: archee & 3mfrench]
had to make it happen
started this from back then
called a mac in
left him in the past tense
sh~t changed now, sh~t you can’t imagine
got a mac in, hit him with a mac~10
made it happen, when i started rappin’
and i asked him, every day i’m laughin’
live up to my name, side bag it’s fashion
gettin’ bands every day
and they mad so they hate
bad b~tches in the place, yeah man
gettin’ bands every day, getting bands every way
they gon’ hate anyway, yeah man
gettin’ bands every day, so the fans gotta wait
i’m just tryna get this cash, man
couldn’t sit on my ass, man
had to go ring it cash, man

[verse 1: 3mfrench]
i gotta chase the bag, so i gotta be on road
i’m that n~gga in my city
i’m that n~gga you should know

- letras de 6ixbuzz

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