letras de 6ix9ine – nada*

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[verse 1]
b~tch are you dumb?
who you playing when you now i ain’t the one
all these b~tches playing games man i do this sh~t for fun
she talkin’ nada like it’s drama, b~tch, this ain’t what you want
tell em’ how you got the bag, you let all them n~ggas f~ck
they see me ballin’ ballin’, yeah 6ix keep talkin’ talkin’, uh
i’m michael jackson in these shoes, cause i’m moon walkin’ walkin’ uh
she off the henny so she keep asking me “keep pourin’ pourin’ up”
he keep callin’ callin’ but you don’t even got your phone, you lost it uh
i ain’t with he say, she say
can’t get caught on three~way
she for the streets, freeway (mama)
i don’t care what she say (skrt)
i ain’t with he say, she say, she say, he say, boy 6ix9ine said what
you said he said, she said, she said, man i still don’t give a f~ck
she got that bubble~bubble double trouble, know that we gone f~ck
she got the double trouble p~ssy, humble, bro that b~tch gone pump
she got that humpty~dumpty, [?], might run out of nut
she got that sloppy, woppy, hoppy, toppy she suck me like a sl~t
in a [?] b~tch we swervin’ swervin’, might just lose control
off the perc~30, [?] know that i’m on go

- letras de 6ix9ine

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