letras de 6ix9ine – gaga*

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boom, boom, uh
ayo, [?], where the keyz at?

hear that hot sh~t, we really pop sh~t
when we shot sh~t, you c~cked it, we really drop sh~t
who got the keys to the locks? hmm, i’m finna fob sh~t
y’all be all up on my d~ck like this gon’ make y’all profit, look
hit his māthātā, that sh~t go bananas, na~na, na~na~na
i don’t beef with durk, cuz he a baby, goo~goo, ga~ga~ga
grra~tah~tah, .40 hit him, make him do the cha~cha~cha
nah, nah, nah, i don’t want the block, i want the zaza
are you dumb? you ain’t spin the block, you a d~mn lie
suck a d~ck, you ain’t k!ll sh~t, you let your mans die
you gon’ feel this sh~t ’cause we was k!llin’ sh~t
‘member days when we was hittin’ sh~t, don’t wanna reminiscence
look, lil’ shorty got the body~ody, ody~ody
slimy mouth, she gave me sloppy toppy in thе maserati

are you dumb? wherе couldn’t i come?
are you dumb? when you see me, you better run
you got your gun?

- letras de 6ix9ine

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