letras de 6ix9ine – fefe (alternative verse)

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[verse: nicki minaj]
ayo, he tryna 69 like tekashi, call him papi
when he nuttin’ like pistachios, he don’t f~ck with the chachy hoes
but he f~ckin’ with my posse, copped me khloé like kardashi’
keep my p~ssy in versace, say i’m pretty like tinashe
put it all up in his face, did i catch a case?
p~ssy game just caught a body, but i never leave a trace
face is pretty, ass for days, i get chips, i ask for lay’s
i just sit back and when he done, i be like, “yo, how’d it taste?”
(yo, how’d it taste?)

- letras de 6ix9ine

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