letras de 6ix9ine – body buildings

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sticks and stones may break my bones
but this mac~11 take his soul
tag his toe, burn the pipe
they don’t know, they learn tonight
tie him up, pour some gasoline on him, light him up
five xan bars with the lean got me high as f~ck
wish i could bring pun back, blaow, n~gga, run that
’til they let remmy out, we gon’ let these semis out
wish i could bring stacks back, chad, let that mac clap
’til they free biggavel, gotta give you n~ggas h~ll
bl!cky make that n~gga yell, beam hit his knees
made him scream, when that n~gga fell, shootout with the law
or the morgue ‘fore i sit in jail, n~ggas say they lovе me
but i can see it in these n~ggas еyes, they don’t wish me well
i don’t need their company, they smilin’ when a n~gga fell
seein’ that i’m poppin’ in the shots, i’m like the durell
order stitches for these snitches, dead men tell no tales
diggin’ ditches for these n~ggas, toss ’em in, so well
drive~by, leave him in the street, n~gga, road k!ll
hba, gold fronts, let me guess, “so trill”?
n~gga, this is new york, make the wrong move
and the goons let the tool spark
(brooklyn!) work hard, move salt
8 ball like pool holes, cracked like the pavement
diesel like the gas station, trap out the bas~m~nt
blow in the pyrex, mask on our faces
let ’em act sketch, bet this lead will erase ’em

- letras de 6ix9ine

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