letras de 6ix9ine – blicky

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they be saying this and that, all that sh~t is cap
pull up on em real life, like where the energy at
i shot you, i robbed you and yall ain’t do nothing back
remember that n~ggas lacked
yall ain’t do nothing back but make tracks
suck d~ck, n~gga eat my sack
i shot at all yall rappers real life no cap
the feds charged me for that, a whole f~cking case
so eat a d~ck lil n~gga, dont watch my face

ain’t no biddy~bap
run up on a n~gga, give me that
where your jewelry at? stupid lil n~gga, give me that
where you bl!cky at? pull up on em, make it brrrt~at
b~tch you know that when i see you we gon make it brrrt~at
i got this fifty, fifty, fifty shot, make it milly rock
silly bl!cky, call the glizzy shop, made em diddy bop
still be posin’ by the chicken spot, got my city hot
silencer, that sh~t go “shhh” while i make this .40 pick a shot
i got this micky~micky moppy~moppy~mop~mop
look you could catch the shots~shots~shots
watch him twirl, then he drop~drop~drop~drop
i got the game on lock~lock~lock~lock

- letras de 6ix9ine

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