letras de 6host – picking the lock

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call me a name, call me insane
i think you’re crazy for calling this late
you know i choke up and can’t hear a thing
you know me best and still that parts the same
i know it’s me, know i can change
just hate that it’s torture to think with this brain
hate that it’s hard at the start of each day
i used to starve and just stomach the pain
oh lord, if you were there you’d take care of your boy
but i know you’re not and won’t answer the door
you ask where i’m going i point at the floor
i’m scared of fate, afraid to escape
i’m picking the lock wrapped around heaven’s gatе
i’ve looked a lot, and can’t locate that placе
outlined with chalk and they’re blocking the way
so give me the grey, give me the dirt
give me a chance and i’ll make it all worse
i’ll know who i am when i manage the blur
i’m trying my d~mnedest but can’t find the words
oh lord

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