letras de 6eorge staggz – ralph williams iii

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ralph williams iii
flowertown hero ep
6eorge staggz

verse 1

woke up dis morning to a blunt
after askin allah for wha i want
then a 40 min conversation
wit my idol about his observation
on the current affairs
motivated to take the stairs
and not the elevator
positive being, we don discuss no haters
only real life & not a f~cken status
running ideas thru him
and not askin for favors
cause i know, i know
i otta go get
jus like he did on the video wit the x5s
no other rapper better than
your idols jus rap lies
in rap history they will be rememberеd
as the other guys
i’m amazed at how i wеnt from being a fan
to being something similar to this man
shout out to bissau for supporting the plan
cause every move was for us to learn
i am here to make a million off rap
that’s the next step
i just wanna take off my hat
to the old homie
we always did it right
you know he always hold me down
never gon stop … always gon make you proud
big hoooooomie


just a young n~gga, tryna be ralph x3
you already know what this song about

outro: ralph williams iii (interlude)

- letras de 6eorge staggz

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