letras de 6enefit – bye

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: 6enefit]
look, i heard you calling me your ex though but yeah i beg to differ
you was looking for the s~x when the thought would make me shiver
sometimes i look at all our texts, you was never a believer
now i’m bout to get some checks you talking you felt this n~gga and…

[hook: 6enefit]
i, i, darling i, i
i wish that i, i
felt the same
i wished that i…

[verse 1: 6enefit]
had dumped you ‘fore you did, i really let you shake my confidence
i healed and now you’re history so stop using the present tense
our love felt like a mystery until i used my common sense
it was nothing but a misery, i really mean it, yes offense

[hook: 6enefit]
and i, i, darling i, i
i wonder why, yyy
you regret this way
i wonder why…

[verse 2: sean]
f~cking with your exes every minute, every second
when you done thats when you text me
and you lying that you love me
b~tch you playing, b~tch you tripping
this love was just a mystery
you was playing with my feelings
now i am caught up in your misery
destroying all my wishes
all i wanted were those kisses
but it seems the love was vicious
realised i was ambitious
you was nothing but pernicious
you was acting all suspicious
left me broken and in tears
now i’m fixing all those pieces
[verse 3: 6enefit]
and iiii…f~ck it though
one pandakatadza ndepapiko?
the money that i spent felt like capital
but i let it go, now leave me please
don’t say my name when you see my gs
trynna craw back cause i’m getting cheese
my heart was your home but i changed the keys
don’t want no association
you leaving me was my creation
i bled inside on a schedule like i had heart menstruation
devastated, and frustrated
i started feeling incarcerated
but now if you ask me i don’t a sh~t no more
i’m emotionally constipated

[outro: 6enefit]
now i’m begging please don’t drag me down again
and i’m begging please don’t drag me down again
now i’m begging please don’t drag me down again
and i’m begging please wowowowo i…


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