letras de 6enefit – beat burial

por favor espere um momento...

welcome mr instrumental, i’ll be taking you to your burial!
yah! yah! yah!

[verse 1]
i need to build a cemetery for the beats i’m k!lling
build a home for the ones that are healing
matter fact i think this a “cold” that i’m feeling
cause i took two more and i pushed em off the ceiling
then i gave one a beating
one is not breathing
think i left two bleeding
then the other one was screaming
for help, help help
you already dead and you already went through my h~ll

[verse 2]
i’m not a myth,i am a fiend
i took all thе gold, i suffer from greed
my standards so high, they need to stop weed
more hits! i am prеggy, stay tuned on your feed
you’re a music detective? i’ll give you a lead
a musical virgin? i’ll give you my seed
you’re illiterate? man i’ll teach you to read
more hits to come, you just let me breed!
[verse 3]
the way i got bars i’m a chocolate
yet i am salty i’m a phosphate
but then i got no benz like your prom date
but still i could finish him without mortal combat
n~ggas on my d~ck more than katana kombat
exposed a couple hypocrites, i’ve done that
you think i’m k!lling it? wait till when i’m mad
michael jack called, wants his style back, says i’m bad
i’m gonna keep
murdering all the beats
meddling with the bars
trending on their screens
trembling when they see the energy
emmitted from my remedies
my bars been a melody
you n~ggas doing parodies
i did the ~n~logy
you were doing the ~n~l, geez!
i’m the prodigy
tell chris i stole the breeze
then i stole the show
then i got the gold
then i got the glow
with the same d~mn f~cking flow!
[verse 4]
like i’m running for my life on this beat
can’t n0body compare when i tap into my speed
please! comparing will make you look all obese
and don’t be deceived man by the beauty, i’m a beast
hah! sound familiar right?
was a beginner alright!
then the “peter pipers”, the “betty botters” , the “suzie shines shoes in a shoe shop”
the mere “baddaboombops”
turned me to a k!ller
can they break down godzilla?
silly! better get ready when i’m innit
in a minute, i can beat it
name it, imma do it!
whether it’s the “betty botter buying b~tter,”
or the “summa lumma dumma lumma, you assuming imma a human,” i’m a villain, i am krillin, i got the power
and i can fillem with the venom and eliminate em
motherf~ckers thinkin i’m eminem
so let me just focus up in my rhythm or loosen the venom and hit em and give em astigmatism and then imma k!ll em!


- letras de 6enefit

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