letras de 6enefit – back & better

por favor espere um momento...

haaahhaaa we back!
check it, it’s your boy 6enefit back at it one time man let’s gerrit

ain’t just coming back but i’m back and i’m better
man, i’ll just cut the cr~p, i’m even straight up than ever
can i just get the bag? gotta get me the cheddar
michael jackson bad, but i’m talking badder and badder

man i’m back and i’m better (back and i’m better)
ba~back and i’m better (back and i’m better)
ba~back and i’m better (back and i’m better)
and if you talking sh~t, then that’s what you are, it’s whatever!

[verse 1]
man i’m back and i’m better, wiser like mandela
mamuchifunga ndakapera? horight tomboti ndandapera
mabva mafunga kundichera? wani maiti muchanditera
to the darkest of my moments saka maitondinyepera…
a couple dark days but i had to revisit myself
i thought about why i’m doing this and put my ego on the shelf
280 contacts ndodzidii when i only talk to 12?
ndomakazara ma enemies so i wrote this as a note to self
[verse 2]
clout haina basa, chingo focuser nebasa
vanhu vagara vachangosasa, but izvozvo hazvina basa
shoot for the stars, apply for nassa
speed on the track faster than nascar
cause you’re a lion and a king, you’re benefit freakin mufasa
i’m not a rapper, i’m a pastor
but more of a servant not a master
i’m serving from cl~ster to cl~ster
masalad nema rasta
but music i think ndaimaster
vamwe vaiti handaimbolaster
mirai ndiite zvepa godzilla zvekuramba ndichigoita faster horight!

this is the starter
tada kudzika makata
tsoka yakuingoita flater
pamagears atabata
isa seat belt kana uchikwata
kana kutongonamata
in a minute ndendapedza saka aomana zvatoshata

[verse 3]
saka tarisai
ini handisi size
yetwumwe twuma guys
farisai zvenyu taurisai
it comes with a price
i been nice
but mukuda fight
ini handina fright
i’m finna bite
[verse 4]
yeah, jaw agility
now i’m showing my ability
screw the humility
i got capability
make me a cup of tea
cause now i’m in the vicinity
feel the proximity of devine energy
i’m a deity, now i’m your city
it’s getting a little tricky
cause i’m kinda picky
tasty rappers all over and i got me a sticky

[verse 5]
boom boom bang! i’m bout to say abracadabra
mahater ndadhabhura
maifunga ndichatambura
but track iri ndakambura
maona ndada kutambira
mada kutambira padhuze? hmm garai padhaza
mada kunyaudza
ndati ndigarei ndakuudzai
let me slow it down a little for you to process what just took place
cause i’m lenient brace yourselves once again before i pick pace
kinda like usain bolt’s finishing during a sprint race
just a bit more twisted

[verse 6]
big benny better back up, big man, cause i’m bigger and better
but i mean if you want a beating
ya better believe me waenda!
cause i’m in the form of a legend
allegedly accused of taking some ketamine
acetaminophen, methamphetamine
but i’m just a bitty boy aiming for the vitamin
handina kani! handina k~mborova dope
but i’m working, but you n~ggas really good at the talking

[verse 7]
but i mean if you really wanna talk about it
talk to me nice cause i might just catch a body
back to the basics, i’m bullying these b~st~rds
and bringing the heat too to each and everybody
i am the candyman
i’m actually better than
this so called veteran
i’m losing my reverence
i need a session
to make a confession
i’ve slaughtered too many beats, need suspension

i’m bullying, i’m bruising, misusing, abusing
and using my music defusing the sitch
it’s amusing, confusing
i’m oozing with dubs, never losing
i’m choosing to win, i am cruising
with grace
i finished with pace
in your face, man i finished the race
we can do it from the night to the dawn
the 6 is a b, call me benefit the don


- letras de 6enefit

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