letras de 6enefit ft kidsoul – a couple bucks remix

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: kidsoul]
six pains let’s get it

[verse 1: kidsoul]
speak of the influence, i’m popping now
i got a bigger dream
i got the mike in my hand i got a jordan flow
i made a lego brick
turn to mine craft
i built the castle the chosen tornado
these n~ggas puny gods
i got a lowkey sound
the under ground touch
a mole in your wave
this pen done
penetrated pentagon
this pen done
penetrated pentagon
pop with the culture inverted
i made the counter innated
i put you up in a berry
this music is sicker than nookie
i got the power like nina
i put the up jupiter
i put it all in my speaker
you n~ggas k!lling for sneakers
i’m gonn buy you the crator
i’m a chosen creator
the certified villain
the pablo piece by davici
i mucha pariti, the suka jarinji
[verse 2: kidsoul]
i started off with a dream
then i switched my flow
took a rise on a plane
above ‘n’ beyond
and i’m telling my story
in these clothes i sore
to get me some toys
double r or a tesla
or maybe both on toll
no keys in my hand
maybe buy a yatch
and tour on land
maybe buy a bus
and float in sp~ce
take stop on mars
in a mayor musk
with elons truck
and my baby aside

[verse 3 intro: kidsoul & 6enefit]
haha, aye
dum, dum, dum, dum
dum, dum, dum, dum
check it
it’s your boy 6enefit back at it one time man
6ix pains let’s get it
[hook: 6enefit]
i was a n~gga looking for a couple bucks
i had to save for days, hustle each and every way
couldn’t afford to spend a penny on a fancy lunch
had to avoid pleasure to create pleasure, man that sucks

[verse 3: 6enefit]
i had been writing my own lines for a while now
never had recorded but still going anyhow
i wished to make a step a lil closer to greatness
took a couple dollars from my wallet, dumped my mattress
i took my lil sox
slid in my blue crocs
i knew i had to do it, had to make my first song
it was really a now or never moment, the feeling was strong
and honestly what could even go wrong?
it was 8pm told my momma i’m going out to catch the breeze
i’ll be back soon, just don’t lock me out please
she was like fine but mdara musazoite zveku wingate zvekudzoka husiku k~ma3
ha, we all laughed, went out and closed the door
headed for the booth, opposite my next door
i walked in, did the fist bumps, talked to gs and sat my ass down
but i really wanted more
but i just couldn’t say it, i felt kinda embarrassed
like dude, whatchu think you’re doing? mfana uri kabharanzi!
but just a couple minutes past, the producer was like
mfana w~ngu imbotipa freestyle ndikati mayaz
[verse 4: 6enefit]
he could really see i was shy, it was evident
told me if you’re really an mc be confident
that sh~t hit me deep
if i couldn’t perform for 6 lads
then how i will i ever hit the stage?
then out of positive rage, man i did the freestyle
just me without the beat, er’body listenin
then he really was pleased, told me he liked my style
like man get your ass in the booth son
so i walked in, the lyrics in my hands
really bout to make a song of how i ain’t got bands
well it was my first time, it really explains
i was happy but trembling, i’m sure you understand
then i was like do i have a single dollar? i don’t have any
if you later wanna see my phone please don’t hang me

[refrain: 6enefit & kidsoul]
yeah now you know the rest of that sh~t
that’s when i made the broke code (yea bro)
man cut the beat, cut the beat
6 pains let’s gerrit!

[intro to verse 5; kidsoul]
wait don’t cut the beat
don’t cut the beat
uncle soul got a lil story

[verse 5: kidsoul]
i was little n~gga with a bigger plan
look at myself on the billboard five
writing all these stories but bit shy
then i kept myself in cacoon hive
wrting all the rhymes but a bit quiet
my flows so good but kept inside
the big fish hide when small ones die
in my maroon blazer i was oceans 5
then i took my pen and wrote my pain
on that window seal, hitting free freestyles
n.y.k.t made that desk go bam
and jayden danced
then i knew my days, it was time to blow
had a c4 strap, right on my neck
i had no time, had to make a plan
i was right on track, to make some tracks
on stage i’d be there, with couple racks
and they’d scream my name
and bless i’d my fans
with my good ol flow
this uncle soul
gonn serve you heart
and i’m positive
everytime i rap
i lose electrons
and charge your hair
but all i want
is a couple bucks
now please don’t stop
i need a bus to tour
these n~ggas ain’t ready for this sh~t

- letras de 6enefit ft kidsoul

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