letras de 6enadryl – in$ane

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[verse 1 : 6enadryl]
ayy, yeah i’m smokin’ dope you can smell it so you know
trippin i can’t go, choppa aimin’ at yo throat aye
f~ck you mean bro got a ak wit a scope
(huh, aye, got a ak wit a scope)
i’ma roll me up a blunt and then i’ma light it
how the f~ck im smokin loud but the room quiet?
o.b.e wear louis v man you could never buy it
you used to talk all of that sh~t but now you silent (aye)

[verse 2 : nate2fly]
yea we o.b.e yea we insane, yea we o.b.e yea we gettin’ fame
yea we’ll sn~tch your sh~t you better tuck your chain
is that a [?] just like zeus i make it rain
we get a room and that b~tch she give me brain
shе gave me brain yea i’m goin’ insanе
i go insane yea like gimme your brain
i see a opp and you know we let it bang
yea we aimin’ at yo headtop
i said aimin’ at yo headtop
don’t bring no vest cuz you know we blow yo head off
this gun it blow yo head off, don in the backseat yea he got aim
lil debit card yea he got pearl game
he rollin gas yea that sh~t f~ck wit yo brain
(yea that sh~t f~ck wit yo brain)

[verse 3 : 6enadryl]
yea that sh~t f~ck wit yo brain, we gon’ pull up hit a stain
wanna f~ck wit us man get ya own fame
i always keep a choppa and you know i got aim
(aye, and you know i got aim)
me and nate, we keep them glocks and them choppas (aye)
and nah you can’t stop us, f~ck wit us and we send you to the doctor

[verse 4 : nate2fly]
we gon’ send him to the doctor cuz i shot him
no you can’t catch me lacking cuz i’m always with backup
and i got another backup for my backup
gun on yo hip another on yo back cuzz
(b~tch run yo pockets)
(i told him n~gga run everything out his pockets)
(empty out all yo pockets)
(n~gga i need everything up up out yo pockets)
give me everything you got or get shot up
this ain’t no jewelry gon’ tear yo block up
shoot you in yo leg b~tch dont get back up
told that n~gga “boy dont get back up”
got back up so i shot him, i popped him in the head now the cops is on me
the cops is on me now i gotta get to dashin’
can’t go to jail cuz you know i got a family

- letras de 6enadryl

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