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backwoodz707 on the beat ok bout to drop some warm orange juice on that ass you know what i’m talking about i always keep that water on my neck you know i keep a stack so i keep getting racks and racks then when i wake up in the morning i pour myself some warm orange juice got to keep that chain loose got a good homie named homie named deuce then when i leave that girl i’m on the loose so i got to make an excuse my money be like blues clues i’m shining like some jewels i dont care about the rules i’m going to do what i do no it’s just me and my crew i’m shooting like pew pew if we homeboys we always going to be homeboys i be rapping so i be making noise we beating you up like you play dough i’m just drinking my faygo i’m going to do if she says so she’s going to let me know if her man here can’t find me here i got to tip toe out of here just got to go with the flow its 68poles and i’ll hit you in your dome so i’m drinking that warm orange 5x get up in the morning go downstairs go in the fridge what do i see warm orange juice got to drink that warm orange juice got to drink that warm orange juice hold on hold on i’m really spitting i’m really spitting i’m in quarantine drinking warm orange juice you know what i’m talking about you know what i’m on

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