letras de 67 – bling

por favor espere um momento...

sk’s moving mad you know

[verse 1: vd]
main road wettings and bl~~dy denims (shh)
i love my life
why you think man step with the weapon? (stay with it)
when they see my eyes they panic (panic)
a 100s them man gon’ leg it (f~ckboys)
i ain’t gonna lie i’ll leg it
if i ain’t got no cheffers (haha)
still double up crack in cling (you know)
us man took a trip to the brix’
ended up putting kitchens in skins (splash)
wet up a couple man in lidl
mumzy screaming out “that’s my kid” (sorry auntie)
barbecue settings, it’s frying
at your function do not get hit (bubush)
main road chinging from young
don’t believe me? go ash kelvin
free trapmash, riding a birdie (you know)
my fl!ck nank cost me a tenner
and we got the rambo for thirty (pull up)
pull up, do man dirty
runner gеt squirty, manna get lurky (lurky)
14 tryna do it with kermy
way beforе dee and kay got worksy (baby)
one~two press on the gas, me, wizz and chak, don’t get packed (free wizz)
the opps are leaving their dingers
same way they left loso to get shanked
try creep up gang on their boss
it all went wrong, we all got nicked (free the guys)
put fl!ckies in dead [?] places
and rambos all the way in (eurgh)
trapped in the t, pebs on me
courtesy of the ps (you know)
if the jakes ever kick this door
man’s doing up elon and st (where you going, where you going?)
mums’ and auntie scr~w~ng me
sorry auntie, must’ve been vd (sorry)
big man be easy, before i put something through your tee
[verse 2: dopesmoke]
they on beef like cheese (nah)
we invest in shanks and whips
and we put smoke on neeks (smoke on them)
90 percent they’re dashing
if not, man’s holding three (they run)
rt, rt, (real talk)
man’s stuck in the trap
that’s pebs, clingfilm and cream (cling)
i can tell you about beef
that’s blade in an ic3 (ying)
i can tell you about fiends
they spazz when they taste this beat (spazzing)
rt, man’s tired of chasing neeks (real talk)
rp, that’s home of crack and fiends (rp, rp)
see he got whacked in a restaurant
all he wanted was a wrap and chips (whack up)
how many times have we ducked down pr~cks?
dip, splash, do it and skid (skid)
i swear to god i’m tired
i’m tired of these rassclart fibs (tired)
how many times has reece been dipped?
chestshot, tryna do it and skid (chestshot gang)
swing them shanks, swing them shanks
he ain’t no “master ching” (master what?)
take a risk, is the that life i live
i bag this up and hit the strip (hit it)
and pray that my hotline rings
bling, bling, bling (bling)
and pray that my hotline rings
bling, bling, bling (bling)

- letras de 67

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