letras de 666fuckthecops – luigi’s mansion

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1}
drinkin’ riot punch with stupid sl~ts
getting cupid sucked off in the back of a moving truck
a ruthless f~ck
leaking mucus into open cuts
i want to drink your blood so much, i just want you~~~because i’ve been in this room enough
i’m fuming, calling uber up
you ’bout to get this heater out
i’m beating all these wounded bucks, i’m evil now
and i don’t really see her now
i only see these evil clowns
they tell me that i’m bad and shouldn’t stick around, hey!
i’m really too profound
i hop up out the tomb and bounce to cuban house music for some [?] clout
i’m really out the south
eastside, pdx put a bullet in they f~cking mouth
[verse 2/refrain]
back in school, class clown
on some every day sh~t
pushed me on the pavement
now i’m getting payments
look who’s poppin’
hey b~tch!
triple 6, rakin’
cake in like he bakin’
life a movie, tape it
i’m the biggest dog in the yard
what other emo rapper you know that go this hard?
put a slug in their brain
in the back of my car
yeah, the secrets revealed
i’m the next joker’s card
’cause i’m a mother f~ckin’ psychopathic murderer
chain swinging, cops ask me:
“nah, i never heard of her”
i’m just burning churches down with burglars
i speak to them in german slurs
they never understand my words
these f~cking pervs
please do not arrest me sir
i only k!lled her cause i need f~ckin’ fresh meat sir
please do not press me sir
cause if you do you might
mother f~ckin’ get beef served

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