letras de 666chainz & glitter prince$ – hunting season

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[verse 1: glitter prince$$ & (666chainz)]
everybody hating, i be stunting (she be stuntin’)
these b~tches come at me but don’t mean nothing (what?)
i say just smoke a blunt, ’cause i be frontin’
you a deer in the forest and i be huntin’
so, don’t hate on me, b~tch you look disgusting (ew)
all this alcohol up in me, i be buzzin’
now i’m flexing, no one saw it coming (the f~ck?)
your hating makes me famous, ain’t that somethin’?

[verse 2: 666chainz]
everybody hating, i be stunting
i’ve had enough, it’s time for them to meet the dungeon
i be wildin’ while they try and f~ck my cousin
cousin who? i shipped her right back out to london
all these dumbass b~tches tryna get a piece of me
i don’t give a f~ck about you, let’s talk about me
i’m a big strong boy that needs his nesquik
and if there’s snakes in my yard, i’ma cut the grass quick
gimme 5, 10, 20 in my paypal right now, i’ma go on a shopping spree
giving me the a, e, i, o, u like i’ma be finessin’ on your tv

- letras de 666chainz glitter prince

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