letras de 617 rey – tonight

por favor espere um momento...

617 rey ~ intro

shoutout to the n~gga moziah, that n~gga get rocked too (baow)
44. to any opp, ya n~ggas get shot too (grrtt)
(straight out tha 617 n~gga, f~ck is you talking bout) (ha)

617 rey ~ verse 1

new clique, send a couple shots got you praying to buddha (buddha)
treesha, i f~cked ya shorty that b~tch is a hooter (hooter)
f~cked up, you claiming l bloxk but ya ain’t a looter (baow)
wassup knocking you out, you still asking who won? (grrrtt)
lock up you saying you a shooter, you gotta fake gun
run up the blixk to ya face, bet you get stunned (baow)
break up, bet you she left you for d~ck now you dumb (pump)
heads up ya girl dropped the addy, now you better run (run)

nyc drippyjay ~ verse 2

ayyyy, n~gga better f~cking run (b~tch)
p~ssy got caught with a fake gun (wha), b~tch i need some competition (yeah)
drop the addy, he still run (yeah)
it gon be you and your loved ones (3x)(yeah, yeah)
all them b~tches, bound too take em
get out my face, mistaken
slide in slide out (brrtt, uh), n~gga we run thru ya f~cking house
put the glock to ya f~cking dome, then i put my d~ck in ya girl mouth
these n~ggas is b~tches, these n~ggas is trash
smoking gigi, now i need a new pack
you b~tchmade, suck on a yak
n~gga say less, before you get smacked
you claim trey? who you? you wack, get back
you slap ima shoot back, automatic when i clap back (baow, baow)

- letras de 617 rey

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