letras de 609boogie – whut

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ay, ay, ay, ay
whut …. whut … whut… whut
whut ….whut … whut … whut

whut whut whut whut
the f~ck is he, talking ‘bout?

whut whut whut whut
the f~ck is he, talking ‘bout?

tell me the f~ck is he talkin bout? tell me the f~ck is you talkin to?
not on your level no i am not one of you, when i pick up the smith issa w
roll one, roll two, dont ask me to pass i dont know you
her ass gettin passed to the bro fool, we ain’t watchin no movies just pro tools

six oh the jiggiest my b~tch the s~xiest, and she the classiest, p~ssy the messiest
stoner i smoke a lot, capper you joke a lot
no i dont do the spot, n~gga you broke a lot

my n~ggas run it up, hit if you runnin up
reach if you dumb еnough, give em a tummy tuck
chain pops but so does thе strap, shoot first we ain’t shootin em back

imma 2k green bean, tech got a green beam, no more lean dreams, dropped my cup
left wrist buss down slap my puck, j~e~e~p black my truck
my b~tch got a body, my stick got a body, my homie got 2, all around me they addin up
catch the pack then i weigh it and bag it up
no amiri’s the pockets ain’t fat enough
i was broke but i stayed down, i never laid down, i flipped the script and im paid now
these are gucci, the retros were played out
she was yours till she met me and stayed out
want a feature its cashapp or paypal
should i bring back the hook or just fade out..

- letras de 609boogie

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