letras de 607 – turn them black

por favor espere um momento...

ion wanna take no shower
cuz that mean i’ma have to pass by the mirror
eye contact with a coward
will make me change right now right here
battle of a demon and angel
inside and the world force feeding the first one
i control what sustain you
i don’t wanna kickback i just wanna hurt some

i just wanna hover above what you love
picture your face when you find out it’s gone
prolly too stupid too figure the motive
might have to write on the walls of your home

if a genie told me i had a wish
for all the white people who talkin sh~t (i’ll say)
now let’s gеt lit

you see a trap when you look at the hood
i see a war when i stand on thе balcony
you sell a sack, say a prayer, and be good
i’m not concerned wit entry level alchemy

‘fore i was born i feel like something shattered me
scattered me (breath)
got to find me i formed me a faculty (breath)
my desire for s~x is a malady (breath)
silhouette show her drinkin my calories (breath)
at my best when i’m disprovin fallacies
got one light so the depth of my shadow is
vanta black eating snacks where the weeds grow
i am such a despicable neeegro

why the f~ck am i talking to peeeople?
they created me () underrated me ()
took my confidence humiliated me ()
you can live but your children gone pay me

i’ma f~ck it til it’s dead
i’ma f~ck it til it’s dead
soft wit a bunch of tiny holes
my lil s~xy piece of bread

and your squad is a tiny loaf
growing mold in my head
you might make me wash my hands…
but ion wanna take no shower

- letras de 607

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