letras de 607 – toxic flexer

por favor espere um momento...

don’t think cuz you can see me you can feel me
don’t text me when them exes do you filthy
charge it to the game i ain’t gone let you bill me
when they same my name they talkin bout millions
(keep up)
i’m a vet, (plugged in)
i’m a old playa
i’m a vet, (plugged in)
i’m a old playa
i’m a vet, (plugged in)
i’m a old playa
plugged in, i can’t buy nothin less it’s wholesale

mug~gin is for youngins i’m legit
and they can’t see me cuz i’m sittin behind tint
but they can smell me cuz i’m somethin like the sh~t
and the circumference of my circle keep me lit

say what b~tch?
i can’t hear ya cuz this paper h~lla loud
you ain’t no smoker if you chiefin by the ounce
say if you really love yo rollie buss it down
toxic flexer and a stepper watch ya mouth

ambient lighting her italian leather orange
we f~cked y’all head up wit them his and hers foreigns
didn’t post one fl!ck of them hoes
only mentioned it cuz we bout to get rid of them hoes
i’m the maitre’d of everything you hate to see
you wanna save her i ain’t no hater that’s ok wit me
i’m just tryna, get behind her when she dancin
and hit her like interest after promotional financing

i remember when a n~gga asked me what are those?
and eatin noodles outta country crock b~tter bowls
for all intents and purposes, my life been merciless
don’t know me then don’t judge me by my purchases

- letras de 607

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