letras de 607 – deathbed

por favor espere um momento...

on my grind from 14 to age 29
had to stop cuz the cops put it on my mind
good weed, best pills had the city flyin
1 for 19.99 , 2 for 25

pull up on my clientele keep my sh~t in drive
same number it’s a wonder that i’m still alive
every day i pass by where my n~gga died
and get to thinkin bout what’s happenin on the other side

or is it even real god i’m dyin to know
will i go to h~ll cuz i slide for the bros?
i made it outta h~ll, took some l’s and i’m still me
but now they sayin it’s the germs that’s gone k!ll me

i woke up from my suicide attempt, staring down the barrel of my future as a black man

if еvery piece of pain was a snowflakе on my brain i’d be crushed by a mothaf~ckin avalanche
(i’m saying)
dropped out the p~ssy drippin slime on the doctor coat
thought my pop was gone be here ~ f~ck it though we got to go
breastfeed me mama! hurry up, i need my brain to grow
i’m not cryin cuz i’m weak, one day ima stang a ho
i was listening while i was in there~ i know we po
i can check em if they disrespect you wit that okey doke
pathway to riches gone be lit
by the bridges i done burned~ cuz people ain’t sh~t!
run a check up wit some fear!
f~ck you tombout love?!
you can cuff these hoes n~gga just don’t cuff the plug
i control the cowards cuz they put they faith in drugs
can’t function right without it, peeping sh~t that’s what i love

a extra special shout out to the people i done helped
who won’t say nothin cuz they want folk to think they did it they self
i showed you the playbook but you slept
thought it was a game til the finals came, you got swept
yo secret was kept but now you

shout out to the people who will not say nothin nice bout me til i pass to the next life
b~tch i hope you die at my funeral (x2)
shout out to the folk who don’t f~ck wit me when i pass they gone mention my name for some attention
b~tch i hope you die at my funeral (x2)

- letras de 607

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