letras de 606 xae – need sum space

por favor espere um momento...

man i don’t know what i’m finna say
i’m just a little sad you feel me
i’m just a little sad

i need to do me
you just do you
i’m back on youtube
f~ck them screw dudes
you f~ckin the screw screw
you f~ckin them loose screws
girl what is you use to
the sh~t that they use to do
the sh~t that you use to do
i got some sh~t to prove
cuz i got sh~t to lose
can you keep up with me
f~ck these n~ggas they can’t f~ck with me
they can’t at all
all i wanna do is ball
all these n~ggas do is talk
what they tryna say to me
girl why you tryna play with me
girl can you explain to me
girl ain’t it plain to see
girl ain’t it
can you tell me what’s wrong
i got too, way too many songs
i use to pop xans get in my zone
now i call up some bands
hit my phonе hit my phone
hit my line
why you tryna whine
this sh~t way too easy, lil n~gga i got rhymes
i gotta get this bag
i got this bag
you call dispatch
you on a emergency
i got some currency
my bands is urgency
you really is irking me
you really is irking me, yea
got a thick b~tch at home, she wanna twerk on me
got thick bands at home that sh~t works for free
imma stop playing
girl what am i saying
you don’t even listen anyway
imma sip this hennessy
till i drown anyday
girl i can drown anyday
i can go away

- letras de 606 xae

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