letras de 606 xae – mia

por favor espere um momento...

she just popped a xan, she like man, n~gga what the f~ck
hoes don’t wanna chill, like for real, they just wanna f~ck
she ain’t like the drugs until i turned her into one of us
my new b~tch owns ouchee and she boujee she don’t do the bus
i say f~ck the opps and f~ck the cops f~ck they gon do to us
i can tell a setup get you wet up don’t know who to trust
n~ggas wanna hang but i can’t cuz i move too much
turn me to a stain you hear a bang and some police trucks
i can do this whenever wherever i ain’t in a rush
and if i’m in the club or in the party catch me in the cut
and if i’m in the cut i’m with a plug or probably with a thug
and if i’m with a thug hе hold the slug might just bust some jugs
snake around my waste ask yo hoe, how the venom taste
see it to believe it don’t believe it lemme demonstrate
hoe ain’t giving top or finna cop then i ain’t finna stay
i don’t love these hoes, f~ck these hoes, don’t do dinner dates
this won’t make better or get my bread up, then you in the way
b~tch you in my way, might f~ck around and go mia
might take a trip to la or go mia
if i ain’t in the k, then i’m in the a
if i ain’t with yo bae, then i’m in yo safe
if life give me lemons i eliminate

- letras de 606 xae

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