letras de [602] prophet – exotic smoke break interlude

por favor espere um momento...

big dope new smoke no more mids

prophet talk to em

smoke gas no pump

big blunt looks like a trunk

been real keep it a buck

self defense gotta keep it tucked

drive by in a semi truck

they not real they pretend they us

i’m turning up i’m lit as f~ck

jungle juice just fill my cup

got enemies but i still show love

southside still throw it up

if i’m hungry i’m a eat ya lunch
run the fade i can eat a punch

been making songs if you keeping up

roll a j i’m it chief it bruh

maryjane defeats my lungs

wild n out cuz i’m young and loud

viva la raza i’m brown and proud

they talk down when i’m not around

king sh~t i run my town

getting paid off verbs and nouns

shooting rounds ya the burners out

everything you f~cking heard about

from word to mouth
that’s word to south

i’m world renounced

been a dog a f~cking hound

royalty now take a bow

i’ve taken vows

to take the crown

face an eighth of loud

then blow a cloud

in front of all you clowns

ash my weed right on the ground

from a place where they push that weight from state to state i’m talking pounds

tata told me stories bout back in his days

mama told me to start acting my age
homie keeps a piece we ain’t lacking today

gotta wear a mask we ain’t catching a case

bout to f~cking activate

i’m not the one to play

i’m not no motherf~cking matinee

- letras de 602 prophet

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